Got Towed?

Having your vehicle towed is never fun. We'd like to help you get your car back as easily as possible. Read below to learn how to be best prepared so that the return of your vehicle can go smoothly. Be sure to bring all the required documentation with you. We also suggest you call before you come in to get the current price.

Hours open to release an impound vehicle:

Mon-Fri 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Release Requirements

Below you will learn about the various impound or stored vehicle types.

Private Property Impounds

  • VALID driver’s license

  • KEYS to impounded vehicle

  • Proof of Ownership

  • Payment: Cash Only 

Impounds for the Nebraska State Patrol Insurance is REQUIRED! No exceptions.

  • Person must be present at time of vehicle release with VALID driver’s license

  • Must have CURRENT registration and insurance for impounded vehicle

  • KEYS- if we do not have.

  • Payment: Cash ONLY!!!

Owner’s Request Stored Vehicles

  • VALID Driver’s License (if vehicle is being driven out) OR VALID photo ID (if vehicle is being towed out)

  • Payment: All major credit cards or cash. NO CHECKS!!!

Cant Come in Person?

We have prepared a form that can be filled out by the current Registered owner, it must be notarized, and given to whomever you have authorized for Island Towing to release your vehicle to.                       to download the form.

Private Property Inforcement Sign